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Musk Perfume

Musk Perfume

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This musk oil or musk tahara

is a very popular fragrance in In the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East

This is a VERY thick concentrated Body Musk, it is the most potent  Musk Blend

For those who do not yet know Musk Tahara, it is likely that you might want to get it after reading ... And because this white musk is used by men and women to wear perfume, but it is also used by women for intimate hygiene.


Essential oils provide longer lasting smell compared to alcohol based perfumes.

Musk Tahara, natural cleansing

Literally, the word "tahara" means "to be cleansed of defilements," and that musk is strongly recommended for this ritual that is specific to women. Fresh, sweet, with a very pleasant smell.

"This is by the use of perfume is to remove the bad smell, it is better for any woman who purifies rules (or post-natal bleeding).


how to use :

It is best to be used after bathing and you can use it in anywhere you like even underarm and bikini 

It's safe because o% alcohol 


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