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Natural Loofah (plastic free)

Natural Loofah (plastic free)

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Looking for more eco-friendly, plastic-free swaps for everyday items? Loofah is a natural cleansing sponge, made up of the fibrous skeleton of the loofah plant, and it can replace the traditional plastic shower puff or body polisher. Natural loofahs create gentle friction, making them perfect for helping along the process of shedding dead skin cells and increasing localised blood flow (improving circulation), effectively tackling dull-looking skin. Simply soak them in water to soften, and lather up with your favourite soap bar!

Surprised by the size of the package delivered !? The loofah is pressed flat so that it won't be too bulky for you to receive in the middle of busy tasks. Simply open it and soak the loofah in the water, it will comeback to its original size.


USAGE. Natural loofahs can be used to clean your back, massage your foot. You can use them to clean fruits, vegetables. It can also be used to wash kitchenwares, even windows, doors, and furniture.


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