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Luxurious Oriental Gift Set

Luxurious Oriental Gift Set

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In short, it's a piece of art

First let me talk about the box.

This is handmade mosaics box made of different colours of high quality woods, and covered with red velvet red inside. 

Second one of the most beautiful soaps :

First one Aleppo Soap with jasmine and shea butter, for face , Hands and Body. Smell amazing with natural ingredients of olive oil, laurel oil and jasmine. 

Second Soap is a magical mixture between Oud and Musk for all skin types and even sensitive because of organic ingredients of olive oil,  laurel oil and Oud&Musk .

And the last item, Alcohol free,  pure Musk perfume , which you can use it for underarm and sides of bikini 👙 😉 lasting very long hours. 

100% This gift set will make your lover day 🎁

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