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Foaming Facial Cleanser 🫧

Foaming Facial Cleanser 🫧

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A natural, non-clogging, foaming cleanser for congestion-free, clean skin

Designed to dissolve dirt, makeup and debris and wash away dead skin cells

lavender extract to clarify the skin with gentle, enzymatic exfoliation

Camomile Extract to help calm and soothe breakouts, pimples and redness

Suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily, as well as blemish-prone skin

Made with gentle, but effective, naturally derived cleansing ingredients

Free from harsh synthetic detergents (SLS) that can dry out the skin

Free from all synthetic preservatives like Phenoxyethanol or Parabens

SILICONE BRISTLES: Our facial cleanser for men and women features a built-in facial cleansing brush with soft, hypoallergenic silicone bristles to remove dead skin cells for smoother skin and more thorough cleansing. It also promotes blood circulation for an extra shine.

HYDRATION - Hydration is key to flawless skin, which is why our ingredients support hydration to make your skin feel softer and more resilient. For optimal skin care, combine with a moisturiser for the face after application.

Brightening Face Wash for Acne Clean your face more thoroughly with our face brush. It is the best facial cleanser for oily skin that provides an exfoliating face scrub to wash away dirt and excess oil and tighten open pores to protect the skin.

Useful Ingredients: Our vitamin C facial cleanser contains NO sulfates, alcohol or harmful ingredients that irritate and dry out your skin.


1_ Wet skin with water

2_ Shake the product before use,  press the Pump  head , Gently scrub in circles with silicone head for 1-2 minutes 

3_Rinse well and pat dry

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